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Legion Solar™ is a unique solar system where the cost is as low as $1.50/watt compared to traditional system that are upwards of $4.00/watt. This 267% economical advantage is made possible by our unique solution.

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Instant Results

Legion Solar works with your existing utility rate program to simply reduce energy consumption. The utility company seesless usage from your home, not a grid tied solar system. Offset your daytime energy to avoid the higher tiered pricing and eliminate having to pay unfair prices per kW. Energy savings will automatically reflect in on monthly utility bill.

Plug and Play

Legion Solar installs in minutes and can be plugged into any electrical receptacle. Scale your production anytime from 200W up to 6.4kW. Simply daisy-chain additional Expansion Sets to grow your system.

Versatile Mounting

Legion Solar is installation made simple with racking solutions available for composite shingle, tile, and metal rooftops.All Starter Sets and Expansion Sets come with Z brackets for flexible DIY mounting.

3x Faster ROI

Traditional solar system have built-in costs such as resellers markups, installation labor, permits, sales reps, and other fees. Legion Solar is energy delivered straight to your door without the unnecessary costs giving you up to 3x faster ROI.

Performance and Value

Legion Solar photovoltaic are designed specifically for the Legion Solar Micro-Inverter to achieve an ideal system match for high efficiency DC to AC conversion. The smaller lightweight modules are designed to be ideally suited for one person to conveniently handle for the do-it-yourself installer. High efficiency A Grade poly-polycrystalline cells delivers unsurpassed price/watt performance for any application.

High Efficency

Legion Solar micro-inverters are designed to achieve ideal system match for high efficiency DC to AC conversion. Up to 32 micro-inverters can be connected in a daisy-chain. Our micro-inverters employ maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology to achieve maximum power output in full sun and partial shade conditions. LegionConnex™ wiring simplifies connectivity ideally suited for the do-it-yourself installer.

Micro-inverters outperform that of traditional central inverters due to no single point of failure. Each inverter cell works independently of each other to maximize energy production in partial cloud or shady conditions.

Intelligent Control and Monitoring

Solar Regulator contains the solar energy that you produce behind your utility meter by regulating energy production of each Micro-Inverter so that energy production is less than or equal to energy consumption. If you turn on an appliance such as a dryer, Solar Regulator detects your increased consumption and automatically signals the Micro-Inverters to produce more energy. This active learning computer works 24/7 to monitor and regulate your energy production. Since you are containing the energy that you produce behind your utility meter where the utility company does not own and you are not selling excess energy back, interconnection permission is not needed.

SolarRegulator’s bluetooth interface allows you to monitor your energy production and consumption, check system health, and more via the LegionSolar App for Apple/Android.

Technical Specifications

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