Installs in Minutes

The Legion Solar™ starter set give you the opportunity for you to experience how easy it is for you to generate your own clean energy. The kit includes lightweight solar panels, a micro-inverter to convert sunlight into grid energy, a bluetooth enabled SolarRegulatorTM for smartphone monitoring of your home’s production and consumption, 2 split core transformers to detect and control energy from flowing back to the grid, plug and play wiring for easy installation and aluminum Z brackets for easy DIY (do-it-yourself) mounting. The kit is also compatible with our composite shingle, tile and metal roof racking solutions.

Legion Solar™ Starter Set Overview

The Starter Set delivers instant results, thus lowering the cost of your electric bill. A Starter Set can produce enough electricity to offset your TV and all of your hand held electronic devices. It is the base component you need in the Legion Solar system if you close to grow your system with expansion sets later on.

Legion Solar™ is energy made simple. Order your starter set today!

Starter Set  $399

Price after incentives  $279.30  

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